A toilet partition is the enclosure that surrounds most toilets in public bathrooms. Their function is to provide privacy for the person using the bathroom stall. They can come in many different types and configurations, not to mention materials.


TDC is partnered with a Canadian fabricator who provides excellent workmanship with several types of materials for partitions. We specialize in HDPE and phenolic panels, all non corrosive hardware, custom colours, sizes and layouts are available as well. Contact us for a free quote on your partitions requirements.

Solid plastic: Manufactured of High Density Polyethene (HDPE) this material is proven to withstand years of rugged service and maintains a new look with little to no maintenance on the plastic. A vibrant selection of popular colours, we can also offer custom colours (minimum quantities apply) as well as engraving for your own unique look.

Phenolic: These Partitions are the ideal product for high traffic environments where high humidity and durability requirements exist. Partitions are manufactured with a decorative face sheet on both sides. A wide range of colours and patterns available, Phenolic Partitions can accommodate your design requirements.

Solid Plastic


TDCDoors offers 3 different styles based on your preference. We also offer stainless steel floor mounting pedestals lifting pilasters off the floor for easier maintenance and cleaning.


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